Multi-coloured weather warnings and shifting the Polar Vortex-SNP to blame say ‘scientists’. A Dream Angus blog.

Polar Bears are heading towards colder environments.This picture was taken in East Kilbride on Wednesday by a frightened taxi driver.

28423753_10209191725350426_3422516634278445212_oWith the first of April just around the corner the country is gripped in an icy, snowy and slushy mess.People cannot get to work or are stuck in traffic for hours on end. Weather warnings have been issued on a daily basis telling people when to travel and not to travel.People are quite rightly asking probing questions about who is really to blame for this.

The SNP government are behind all of it. We can reveal that as well as this recent weather ‘event’ that SNP have been manipulating the weather above and around Scottish air space for decades.

As recently as November 2016, the first named storm of the winter was named storm Angus (no relation).This Scottish named storm went on to cause a number of serious impacts. A cargo ship collided with a barge in the English Channel and a ferry carrying 150 passengers was stranded for 26 hours before docking at Fishguard, Pembrokeshire. Large waves battered the south coast and damage was reported to the sea wall at Swanage, Dorset.

Other famous Scottish named storms are planned for later this year with Storm Iona due to hit in a few weeks time. But it is the government manipulation of the Polar Vortex that is the most concerning thing. Not content with improving the road and rail network to the fullest extent for decades the Scottish Government are messing with our weather patterns in a cavalier manner to test the road and rail infrastructure to its fullest, like Gods sitting on top of Mount Olympus throwing lightning bolts at the Earth.

Somehow they have managed using teams  of Scottish scientists to cause a shift in the position of the polar vortex.

A polar vortex is a mass of cold air that sits above the Earth’s north and south poles. This cold air is controlled by a large pocket of low pressure, which rotates in an anti-clockwise direction at the North Pole and clockwise at the South Pole. When a polar vortex is weak, it can split into two or more freezing vortices, forcing wintry air from Siberia towards the UK.

Somehow the SNP have managed to exploit this weakness and have caused this severe weather event to happen.It can be the only explanation.They are so good at everything else they are getting bored at being a well organised and efficient government and are now playing about with the weather.

We can only speculate what other disasters the SNP have caused in their relentless drive to achieve efficient democratic government.Rumours are that they have already negotiated access to time travel technology through use of their advanced diplomacy skills with space aliens and are now capable of going back and forward in time at will.


Who knows what disasters await us, but we will know who to blame.(Winks)