Scottish Labour/UK Labour – Spot the difference.


Perfect Timing

This weeks revelations of Kezia Dugdale jetting off to Australia to join Ant and Dec in ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here’ has taken up a lot of newspaper headlines. The sour grapes surrounding the timing of this ‘announcement’ which aligned with the announcement of the new Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard was ‘bad’ or ‘good’ timing whichever way you look at it. It also followed hard on the heels of Scottish Labour’s interim leader Alex Rowley’s demise following stalking and harassment claims from a former partner. Many people might not support Kezia Dugdale for her politics and some would question her judgement at taking part in the media circus that ‘Get me out of here’ is. However the way Scottish Labour has lined up to attack her since she made the decision is a demonstration of the same culture of harassment and misuse of power we have heard of reported recently. They say they are not going to suspend her, for now?

It does Labour no good, in fact looking behind the headlines we wonder what Scottish Labour and UK Labour stands for? Last night in Westminster Labour MP’s took part in a vote to take the UK out of the customs union. One late amendment by a Scottish Labour MP led to Labour issuing instructions through the whip, not to support the amendment. In fact instructions had been issued that ‘no important business’ was going to be discussed and many MP’s went home before the vote took place. The amendment was defeated by 311 votes to 76, and saw the unusual spectacle of Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell voting with the government. Tory ‘remainer’ Anna Soubry claimed her government was being controlled by 30-35 hard line Brexiteers. But why are Labour so willing to help them?

We hear a lot about Jeremy Corbyn’s left wing credentials but voting with the Tories and abstaining on vital votes and not forming alliances with the SNP ,Greens and anyone else who could weaken the Government is hardly the sign of a party fighting for the working class?

With the Tory majority being a slim one any party capable of fostering alliances with other parties would have worried the Tories.The instability over Northern Ireland and the DUP deal and nervousness over BREXIT means the Tories are vulnerable. Instead of forming parliamentary alliances what does Labour do? They vote with the Tories.

An opposition should be that, not acquiescence.

Parliamentary opposition is a form of political opposition to a designated government, particularly in a Westminster-based parliamentary system. … The title of “Official Opposition” usually goes to the largest of the parties sitting in opposition with its leader being given the title “Leader of the Opposition“.



Lets not get too carried away with our sympathy for Kezia however.Remember she was the Scottish Labour leader who publicly called for tactical voting to defeat the SNP in Scotland in the last General Election and this contributed to a reduction in the number of SNP MP’s. Ironically given the Corbyn ‘bounce’ Kezia’s media efforts may have just given the Tories the extra Scottish seats they were looking for to keep Jeremy Corbyn at bay.

What is it with politicians and the media? Like moths round a flame they always want more publicity even when they seem to be on the way out. Alex Salmond’s foray into chat show land is another example. It was well trailed though following a sell-out Edinburgh Fringe show. His Russia Today chat show raised all sorts of hypocritical comments from jealous politicians that secretly wish it was them in charge. To be honest the format is refreshing and the lack of negative, hostile interviewing we are familiar with on the BBC is to many people a breath of fresh air.

So we will leave Kezia to her trials in the jungle.We do not know what will happen out there.To be honest I for one will not be watching it. I would rather keep an eye on the failings of the real Labour Party and its fake stance as ‘for the many not the few’. Who are they kidding? They are no different from the Tories they profess to be in opposition to. There are not doing what an opposition should be doing, picking a fight with the Tories at every opportunity. They could not fight their way out of a wet paper bag.




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